Teaching your children the value of clean home.

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Child-Bedroom-Perfect-Maid-Cleaning-Service-Jacksonville-FLOne of the most difficult lessons to teach our children is the value of a clean home!

As a parent, how often have you found yourself exasperatedly cleaning up after your child after asking him or her two, three, maybe even several times to clean up their own mess? Or maybe you are a new parent and wondering how you are even going to begin to instill the value of cleanliness in your small child. Below are some ideas that hopefully, with a little patience, will help you establish sensible habits that will help your kids be tidy and effective even into their adult years.

1. Make organizing fun.

Blast some tunes and dance around while you clean up the house. Help your child to understand that keeping the house clean doesn’t have to be arduous labor. Do it together as a family! You may even end up looking forward to it!

2. Involve your children in the daily housekeeping.

Assign special jobs to each child, and reward sensible behavior. One good way to do this might be hanging a duty chart on your fridge. Every day that the job is done, your kid gets a check mark. Predetermined amounts of check marks per week can be exchanged for rewards, like going out for ice cream or a family day at the pool.

3. Keep the daily tasks small.

Help children to grasp that if they continue the easy daily chores (making beds, vacuuming, sweeping, laundry, and general tidiness), they will not need to work hard or for a long time to keep their room and home clean. A lot of children like having a completed to-do list with all the items checked off. It helps them to have a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work.

4. Get organized.

Make sure that your child has easy to understand expectations for his or her room, including clear places for them to put their belongings. You’ll need to check and see that they can easily reach the hangers in their closet for example. Labelled storage bins and dresser drawers can also be very helpful. Maybe even help your child to go through his or her belongings and purge those things that are outgrown or unwanted. Make sure everything has a “home.” Actually going through and determining where each items home is with your child can go a long way toward making him or her a cleanly person. Emphasize that fewer things will get lost if everything makes it to its home!

5. Make sure that your children understands the virtue of a clean house.

Show him or her benefits such as fewer lost or broken toys, better time management (like maybe getting to sleep in a little later on school days because getting dressed takes less time), and less frustration over all. Plus, keeping everything clean makes everything look so nice! Also, once our living areas are neat and tidy, people tend to naturally feel more leisurely and less stressed. Whenever we finish tidying our home, I always like to tell my children how nice and relaxed it makes me feel. Typically, they’ll agree, even though cleaning the house wasn’t always high on their list of priorities. If you have more suggestions, we’d love to hear from you, please leave us a comment below or in our social media pages!

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