How To Start The New Year Off With A Clean House

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Once the festive season comes to an end, a new year is ushered in. The first few days of the year, for many, is a time for reminiscing but for others, a period to strategize. Whatever it is for you, don’t start the year off in a dirty home.

Here are a few tips to help you have a clean house in the new year.


  1. Put the holiday decorations away


When the holidays are over, decorations should be placed back into their boxes. If that is not done immediately, it starts to feel like a big chore.


You don’t have to get rid of it in a day. You can remove it little by little, particularly between Christmas and New Year. This allows you move into the new year without any backlog of chores.


  1. Put Clothes Away Immediately


Whatever you take off should be put in the wardrobe or in the laundry.


Do not throw them all over either on the flow or on the floor. All your clothes should be kept in place. This way, you’ll not have to search the entire house for your favorite jean or a pair of socks.


  1. Do Not Keep Extras of Anything


A lot of people have the habit of holding on to things they do not really need. If you desire a clean and tidy home for the new year, you have to make arrangements to get rid of these extras.


For instance, if you have a lot of novels, look through them and see why you are still keeping them. Cut out the portion you like in the magazines, pin them to your board or just keep them safe elsewhere after which you can give out the rest.


  1. Keep Paper Organized


It takes less effort to file papers immediately they are received than to keep just anywhere. Once you receive a bill, put in a shelve and after paying, file it immediately.


The time spent in the beginning is much better than time spent once it’s piled up!


  1. Clear Your Desk


There is a big difference between clearing and cleaning your desk. Ensuring that your desk is clutter-free should not be a once in awhile thing, rather it should be a daily activity.


Having a clear space to work can not only make you feel better but, more importantly, add to your productivity.


  1. Your Bed Is For Sleeping, Not Storing


Your bed should be used only for it’s original purpose and that doesn’t include storing clothes or any other items. It is also important to ensure your bed is dressed at all times. Your bedroom looks tidy and clean when your bed looks good.


  1. Have a particular drawer for remotes, keys, and other regularly used items.


This way, things will be more organized and you will not be stressed out searching for these items when you need to use them.
The ideas above will keep your home clean as you and you family start the new year. These habits shouldn’t just be practiced at the end of each year. Make it a part of your life to always keep your home clean.

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