How to organize Your Home

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Start organizing with realizing that everything in your home should have its own place.

Even if you follow at least one of our tips, after a while you will realize that you are on your way to be the most improved organizer
1.Organize your mornings at night .
Make breakfast the night before.Get your clothes ready before you go to bed. Have kids pack homework and books,for the next day.
Make sure you put all items in a designated area so you always know where they are.

2.Closet:. Sort through, bag and donate anything you don’t wear anymore to a local Goodwill Clothing Donation Centers

STORAGE BOXES can be used along the top shelf of the closet or stacked on the floor, storing anything from sweaters, seasonal items.
Install hooks on the closet wall to hang up hats, handbags and tote bags.

HANGING BARS position is important.Clothes should be hung by category.Categorize your clothes by purpose: Work, casual, cold- or hot-weather wear and formal.

SHOE Storage . Now the shoes that you want to keep, organize the shoes by style Use a shoe rack .

BATHROOM Throw away anything you don’t use.Get storage bins,Place often-used items by category. Have a section for hair items, makeup, shaving supplies, nail care items, etc. . things you rarely use like extra shampoo or soap should go under the sink.Few bathrooms have enough places to hang towels. Stacking towel bars behind closed doors is a great way to remedy the shortage .Every day take a couple minutes to organize your bathroom.

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