How To Clean Up After The Holidays

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It doesn’t matter how hard you try, the holiday season will always leave your home messy. So rather than worrying about something you have no control over, think of how to clean up after the holidays.


You need to give your home a fresh start just in time for the new year. Make sure you clean up right after the holiday meal is over, presents have been stored properly after your guests have left your home. Cleaning right after the holidays also helps keep strings of holiday decorations away from your roof and gates. Below are five tips that can help you efficiently clean up after the holidays and prepare your home for the new year;


Start with the gifts

You can make the transition into the new year very quick by sorting out gifts. Try to get rid of any gift you do not want and properly store any gift you need. You may feel guilty when it comes to getting rid of gifts. However, always remember that it’s the thought that counts and not the physical item. So when you find something you don’t like, well, return them or give them to charity. Don’t let guilt give your post-holiday home any additional clutter.


Collecting holiday cards

Just after the gifts have been sorted out, you should start collecting holiday cards. All the cards you got in the mail should be piled up. Make a list of the names of everyone who sent you a card. You can use this list to start your personal holiday card list for next year. After that, recycle the attractive cards and use them as gift tags.


Clean the guest bedroom

If you had guests overnight during the holiday, then you have to care for the guest bedroom. Use vinegar to wash the sheets in hot water. While you wait for the sheets to dry, clean the mattress with a vacuum upholstery attachment. Make sure you pay attention to the seams. Replace the bedding in the guest bedroom. Change the fluff pillows so your next guest will be comfortable.


About the lights

Taking the down the lights should be the next move to make. Putting the lights away save you time when you want to use them again. To make it easy, get a cardboard and wrap the strings of lights around it. This will keep them organized and make them easy to unravel.


The tree

Coordinating the tree take-down and curbside pick-up. Confirm when your trash pickup service providers will be ready to get your trees. Don’t wait until the last minute to get the tree curbside in harmony with the collection times.
To make out time for your family, request a free house cleaning appraisal from your local cleaning franchise.

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